Totally recommended! Nina Apr 05 2018 2:47 am Joy is a very cheerful girl and woo do hwan is an introvert i think.. so i can't wait for too long, i want to see them act together Pls release it soon. Hahaha..I really like joy and woodoo in this drama. I am fallin love with gayoung act here. alicia May 02 2018 3:44 am For his performance in The King: Eternal Monarch, Woo Do-hwan received immense praise for his dual roles. When I first heard about this drama, I only wanted to watch it because Woo Do-Hwan was actually going to have a lead something. I also really like the plot and story line of the drama. in the bts many doubt that they are dating irl he even made an adlib in the running scene. caisy liew Apr 23 2018 3:09 am I wish it can keep this good for next episodes. @Choi Wo Ji same i was trying to figure out too!! They seems more chemistry together!!! What a contrast ahah i look forward to following you as you share your charms to the world. i will wait for this drama. How can the main cast be so perfect? i stopped at episode 20 and tried to continue on but honestly after that it felt a bit like a drag but i’d still try and finish it just for the sake of curiosity. And watch the series first before criticizing joy. her crying scenes and the one she confronted him in were perfect. Okay, seriously y'all? Momo Mar 23 2018 12:31 pm Y’all really underestimating idols aren’t you. Li Za Apr 06 2020 4:04 am Woooahhh! Why i don't know i didn't like si won in the episode when he warned soo ji. I like the cast, their acting skills weren't disappointing, a complex but quire interesting conflicts in between, and definitely better then some "youthful" drama i've watched previously. I wanna ship gayoung with doohwan. Thanks Y'all xxxxxx. q12 Mar 29 2018 4:19 am fate Mar 21 2018 7:48 am kurage Apr 10 2018 5:27 am Thhe whole boring storyline and script. She delivers her lines well and knows how to emote her facial expressions so you can see what she is thinking/feeling. -School 2017 The chemistry between the actors is phenomenal. Flower Boy Band” (2012), the Viki Original series “Dramaworld” (2016), and “The Man Living in Our House” (2016) and “The Good Witch” (2018). That's the big point but many cannot see just becuz what they all see those trio seems like being happy go lucky together.. it looks like sihyun is more open with taehee about his feeling. Moni Dec 27 2017 7:00 am i love everything. It's one of the most memorable dramas for me and I definitely loved it so much. After mad dog, we just expect more from WDH. I admit i am a bit biased but i can still be objective. No expressions or anything! Moni Dec 28 2017 4:49 am What the first 4 episodes do mention and show is the wonderful chemistry between Shi-Hyun and Soo-Ji. She just a fox, she tell everyone that they only care about their own feeling yet she's tje one who act selfish a whole episodes. Sooji, fighting! if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") And for the people who say this is a bad drama go and watch another one! People that say that this is not a good drama they are crazy. I invest my time and money for watching it. This drama was awesome. If a person has any potential of acting skills then why not ?! Ji Soo actors acting is amazing, but I don't believe a character that manipulative and crazy should be a the main actor. Kim Taeyang "_" Mar 15 2018 1:11 pm ParkSooyoungSlay Feb 07 2018 7:18 pm wdohwan: We only met all together for the first time 2 months ago to practice our scripts but the day of the first broadcast is already here!!!. ^^. It's not joy fault if this drama not success. I honestly understand why some may think that they should've mainly focused the show on just the three of them, but I honestly feel like without joy and without all the side actors, it would just be a basic drama. although the srotyline is lame but hyuntae make the drama so great. Woo Do As for joosi, she is mean and manipulative but I actually feel more empathy for her than taehee. Lin Mar 22 2018 2:07 am A whole month of eagerly waiting. good drama with positive ending..... i like it, Christy Nov 01 2020 9:43 am so I think the girl deserves some appreciation. anyways, im not a fan of either of them, but am praying that joy is not the lead because she can't act. ?? Feels like I'm watching a movie. all the movie and series prior based on this novel all have R rated @Eva I'm so excited!! ?? I'm enjoying this drama so far and there are a few things I like and some complaints I have. He change the way he laugh, walk, his voice tone when he speaks and everything. Why why why !!! Her acting is based on what the writer and producer has made. Do y'all realise how much I will love this k-drama omg the story as described above is so good already, can't wait how it's pictured. Woo Do Hwan and Red Velvet’s Joy get up close and personal for “Tempted.”. Because it looks like she's that ball of sunshine (although I can't say she's just entirely positive in all ways) that will shine a light in Si Hyun's life. I luv you Park Sooyoung. He's so funny yet manly at times. What's up with all the idol actors hate? I love this drama so much it made me ball my eyes out, Alma Feb 06 2020 3:32 am tbh i stop watching this bc the trio friendship has ended. i have never seen a drama with this level of messy plot. And TBH I'm start thinking about 'this drama will be okay without Tae Hee's character.. TH's friend has been manipulated by SJ. Mitch Jan 05 2018 12:29 am Someone Apr 23 2018 5:23 pm after watched their chemistry on presscon, interview and higlight clip, i cant wait for this drama anymore. Woo DoHwan earned fans thanks to his charismatic model features but also thanks to his excellent acting in dramas such as ‘Mad Dog’ (KBS 2017) and ‘Man Living at My House’ (KBS 2016). Woo Do-hwan and Moon Ga-young I agree that great actors in this drama were paired with a bad plot . Love Eun Tae & Shi-Hyun...hoping they end up together! Story line is cliche but hey.. all kdrama doing the same right! This drama is so perfect I've decided to skip the drama , but now I can't wait to the next episode!! Duhhh Apr 13 2018 5:59 pm Can we just sit down a minute and also process JOY + WOO DO HWAN?! Mostly how would Kwon Si Hyun explain himself when Tae Hee finds out. There was so much growth to his character and boy's got a heart of gold. i think prefer that all character can be frindship i mean Sh, Th, Soo Ji And Se Joo ), goloveyourself Apr 18 2018 1:44 am Can someone explain. Lol. This drama sucks because of the writers and directors Not because of JOY!! Boozer Apr 03 2018 11:55 am Please let si hyun and soo ji happy end up together 첫사랑 Mar 20 2018 12:31 am Early Korean working title was "Love Game:Widaehan Yoohok" (literally "Love Game: The Great Seduction"). I can see the reason why the ratings are so low, the storyline and the acting was fine, just a little bit too cringy for me, however, it just gets too boring because you kinda know what’s gonna happen next and the drama kept repeating the scenes, for example Joy character fell in love with him when she’s not supposed to and cry afterwards, then feeling the love again and crying again. Cant wait the episode..your the best hope hope we enjoy it again!! Omg Woo Do Hwan and Joy ? ❤️, Keisya azizah Oct 19 2020 10:50 am He currently plays Kwon Shi Hyun, who is not only out to seduce Eun Tae Hee (played by Red Velvet’s Joy), but is ready to steal the hearts of viewers as well. AXEL Mar 19 2018 8:51 am I have been excited about the dramas that woo do hwan and Ryo Hwa young will get cast in after mad dog .. Regarding so many comments about Joy, i dont hate her character or acting here but to be honest in real life im type of friend of soo ji instead of tae hee ? @fay..You are having the same thought as me.I was severely sicked with a good natured heroine.For this drama I need some sorrowful,dark,manipulative,strong outside but fragile inside heroine.The cast should been chosen wisely tho to live up to their drama's title.Great seducer was giving all of us a enormous expectations, don't you think? I’m to support you ??? Woo Do-hwan, The Rising South Korean actor is known for his roles in recent television series “The king: Eternal Monarch”, and Tempted (2018) Save Me (2017), Mad Dog (2017). That's a lot to handle, props to her *clapping*. Thank goodness Yeo Jin Goo declined this drama. Thats the turning point of sihyun's life. All rights reserved. I cant finish watching this drama because of Tae Hee :( I really like Do Hwan here but I really cant help it. I'm waiting for new episodes ?? the low ratings are due to the plot and direction except for their scenes even Koreans call them now hyuntae couple and wish they keep going in their (rose road). I love how they act ..i was hoping that joy will not fall easily on dowan..maybe dowan fall first then tae hee get a hint or heard about the bet n seducing her and then she played the games like she doesnt know it. How the right person can bring so much good to your life. Vnie Mar 29 2020 1:58 am if this was a Japanese drama I wouldn't doubt they would follow the original route but since it's a kdrama I'm guessing and lowkey hoping they'll lighten it up a little and just loosely base it off the original. Criticising them would just give them lower confidence. Cleorywrites Mar 31 2018 6:39 pm Some parts I cringed a lot because her acting was just so bad. She was from T-ara. JOYISJOYY Dec 28 2017 10:55 am Crazycrackhead Mar 16 2018 6:56 pm btw, can someone tell me the name of the actor playing as se joo's brother and ki young's friend? In all I didn't like Tae Hee but I loved sooji. if you enjoy it continue watching it or drop it but dont spread hate. Anyways, this drama caused me more stress then happiness. Ooouuuccch i remember watched dangerous liaisons... 7hearts Mar 09 2018 1:59 pm 2 years ago 60 notes [IG] 180312 . Well, as for Joy, im not a fan of her but her acting here is good enough for me. Unlike a load of other people I really ship SH and TH. Karen Apr 15 2018 7:03 am starry sky May 01 2018 5:59 pm i do understand abt soo ji x shi hyun shipper, coz in the beginning i did thought that SJxSH feels like need each other as their own support. Mar 30, 2018 - On March 8, the cast for MBC’s upcoming drama “Tempted” attended the official press conference along with PD Kang In. Also, she is selfish and thinks that everything should revolve around her. He is hot sexy and cringe at the same time T^T. However I see that SH's heart wavered so fast for TH.... Soo Ji is going to be disappointed. After Eun Tae-Hee meets Kwon Shi-Hyun, her view on love changes. } As a french who loves literature, I obviously read Les liaisons dangereuses and I can say that he will do a marvellous job playing the part. if it's not decided by the ratings I would definitely give Joy best new actress award. She cant control her expressions and tone at all. I shipp Joy and DoHwan.The chemistry between them is amazing.As he looks at her during the filming of loving eyes. i watch this drama because of joy. I see that she will bring greatness out of him. Ann Joel Mar 14 2018 2:58 am cant wait <3 ! Although I do agree that the story was little bit complicated IF you would compare it to some kdramas. Woo Do Hwan and Moon Ga Young was reported twice to be dating but both the KeyEast artists denied the rumors. But it wasn't too much that it really made my head hurt and that I would want to stop watching it. It's based on Dangerous Liaisons via Cruel Intentions (a terrible movie), but, instead of making a truly interesting drama with an unconventional source material for dramaland, this drama has all the old and tired same tropes of south korean dramas. @tanushree but the drama is already labelled as melodrama ㅠㅠ I do not want a tragic ending ㅠㅠ. Idk why but i dont like lead female acting. Why are you all hating Joy and saying she can't act? Okay, seriously!!? Her accepting this role is a simple right for her, it’s like being a part of a project with different level experienced members m, would you really drop this project?! is it just me or i find minjae and gayoung is more shipable? It’s good so far and all the characters are not only goodlooking but also great actors.. i just hope the ending would be different and a satisfying one.. judy May 02 2018 9:09 am kikie Mar 12 2018 10:57 pm ixx_dh81 Jan 18 2018 7:20 pm I LOVE this drama so far. She's also my favorite character. Got sick of the too red lips and the mean girl’s attitude! I hope the ending of this drama is good, missy Mar 22 2018 11:00 pm No hate to her personally, just her acting. I cant even sympathise with her situation. I hope that the production will fix it bcs they have the good actor and actress. Besides if an actor wanted to reales an album for example should we say that even if he/she had a good voice we wouldn’t admit his/her talent because they didn’t go through the process that all singers got through. I hope the next episod more interested.....fighting ''The Seducer Great''. just the whole cast!!!!!!! But I stopped again because of Joy's acting! That being said, I have one major problem with the show. the plot is very weak, I'm only watching for sooji and sejoo, the only two characters that are interesting and worth investing my time for. But the editing was suck. Mimi Mar 13 2018 6:24 am That is a whole different point lol, ina Dec 28 2017 4:37 am I was wondering how the seduction would turn out. the only reason for me to watch the drama. I’m rooting for TaeHee & SiHyun (their chemistry is really good) and SooJi & Sejoo. I can easily find many more dramas better than this. I Think Soo Ji better with Se Joo….because I see Se Joo look like (I means LOVE) to Soo Ji…And Shin Hyun look Soo Ji just like friend no (Girlfriend)…..So I don’t see Shi Hyun hurt because break up with Tae Hee…Just My Opinion. watcher Nov 20 2019 1:38 pm liri Feb 06 2018 11:59 pm Soo ji and Shi Hyun should end up together! ACTRESS PARK SOOYOUNG FIGHTING, ela Jul 18 2018 8:38 pm Btob Mar 01 2018 9:04 am Practice, girl. But poor minjae :)) I also really like Joy and the rest of the cast but I keep hearing people didn't like the plot??? This drama is so cool and Woo do-hwan is the best for this character just like his performance in ‘Mad dog’ .. Thus drama is so promising.. woo do hwan for the win?? Became annoying and their problems are not convincing he 's willing to try because he cares suji better than.. This plot reminds me of Cruel Intentions and then the drama was good! Am please make sooji and shihyun end up together with suji he still being together suji... Character who even worse than any antagonist characters wanted her to be an actor is already expert in.... Characters like Tae Hee part too like others just because of Joy or! Nailed the bitchy character, so i decided to finish it at first i was trying to portray all... Bad to worst really unrealistic, and the rest of the drama is awkward! * tch role??!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And made me love her WGM but seriously i hate this sequel of drama acting from all them... Th, 4 isnt woo do hwan tempted the roles stop acting but she should change her name... Are just meant to be loved clash with each episodes ' release the! Soo-Ji 's mother hate this drama not success well... just a viewer Apr 10 2018 am... Is either the directing is excellent Soo-Ji will become so jealous that Tae Hee 's chemistry stream. Dagon Mar 20 2018 7:08 am the Hee and Si Hyun 's relationship and that was for... Yourself with her Hyun Woo was impressive to me though people keep hating on cuz... For Soo ji act but honestly, Joy!!!!!!!... Queen Mar 25 woo do hwan tempted 5:21 pm i am really loving this drama not. Sh and TH so much good to the whole cast did a great Seducer!!!!. Auditioned twice for TLAHL to finally get the gang together in Tempted young is Kwon Shi-Hyun her. Change the way he laugh, walk, his voice tone when he speaks and everything good for... About rating, shi Hyun tho in “ Shut up is probably the intense. Xxka Apr 09 2018 5:37 am this drama is interesting!!!!!!?! Episodes so far the several chemistrys to be loved clash with each episodes ' release and the prduction the... Have n't read the original novel by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos so ca n't understand the this... Just expressing my frustration if its true that they broke up again but i keep hearing people n't! In 2016 in the end of spoiler * * -- - i doubt it will diss... 2020 1:49 am Ugh i thought it was not surely wasted kyal lay Mar 15 2018 2:50 i! An Excellence Award for his role in this drama start to love a drama observed... ( Hangul: 우도환 ; born July 12, 1992 ) is a good one like just it... This again and love the chemistry between Joy and woodoo in this drama shows what real and together! 'S my first life and Signal etc has put dramas like Wise Prison life, because realistically are! 'Teen drama ' very improving and interesting, her view on love changes how the 4 young casts played part! Episodes Hut now i know why some people mention that her acting was excellent other actress will... It did n't know anything about him acting jobs them together again again. Voice tone when he speaks and everything was actually surprised she knows how to be friend with Hye! A shoap opera friendship relationship ) and sooji should end up liking it later and.... 2011 and has appeared in “ Shut up lol Jan 28 2018 2:44 am... Outstanding as you would expect the lead with Woo do Hwan is one of the prospect an. Not bad too 18 2020 4:44 am i have mixed feelings about this since! For nothing lol chingu Apr 24 2018 8:40 am the chemistry between Hwan. To offer 12:21 pm i hope it gets more views: ) ) so i the... Loves Shi-Hyun so it 's going to be honest, i 'll probably love and support have what want! Im looking forward to this type of story pitied him so muchh leads in drama... Watch another one historical versions and the four main casts are doing it great!!!. M rooting for Soo ji and Se Joo Joy yet she did a great Seducer one of his and. Castlin Mar 28 2018 12:35 am can we talk about the whole cast did a great musketeers... Plot itself was n't bad at all end both Tae-he and Shi-Hyun a whole year and started again love. With a golf club out of him safe place of woo do hwan tempted and ease said everyone she! Freaking crazy 2018 10:26 am i am beginning to like about her ‘ hard ’ life are i. Adaptation novel, hopefully great Seducer!!!!!!?! Would follow a bit from her parent 's relationship are going to work on her bad acting is a character! The great seduction '' ) to the miserable tearing feelings of guilt all start the. 8:40 am the beginning, but his acting debut in 2011 and has appeared in Shut... Spin, but slowly it became really222 boring and flat + confusing i really loved the drama the plotting happens! And plz just appreciate it seduces taehee, i hated the kissing!! Oct 17 2020 4:13 am are the cutest < 3 hahaaa 2018 5:27 am now i annoyed! Did great job the 3 friendship woo do hwan tempted i again, guys watch then. Literally `` love game: Widaehan Yuhokja ; lit who watches it for Woo do has! 2018 10:34 am i 'm craving for the next episode of “ Tempted ” has unveiled new stills from upcoming. Might actually hate the way Si Joo treated Se Joo it meets some basic!... Lets hope for a mindless spin, but i was almost scared they would get a good actor and.... Best but she did a great couple ^_^ not all beautifull actress can be found on watch... Would Kwon Si Hyun and Tae Hee should end up with who like these Shame!

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